Sunday, March 11, 2012

Death, Suffering, and Pain

I am surrounded, I am feeling the pain of my own suffering in addition to the suffering of so many others.  God has given me a gift to see and relate to the pain and suffering of others.  I feel the need to pray, think, and do when I see suffering.  I feel the need to love my brothers and sisters.

I only hear tidbits of information, but my heart hurts.  I want to console.  I want to bring a little light to the darkness of a heart surrounded by pain. 

God has entrust this gift to me.  I'm not always sure what to do with it, but I pray that I am doing what He wants every step of the way.  So, that some day we may be able to all be together in eternal joy, living the life He always intended for us. 

This life, and these pains are not what He intended, but the result of the temptation of evil in the Garden of Eden.  By bringing His son into this world, and having Him suffer greatly, He has purchased for us the eternal reward of salvation.  All we have to do it believe and follow His ways and we will soon be in eternal joy with all of our brothers and sisters. 

Thank you Lord for these gifts.  Please help me to use them in the best ways to help in your plan for salvation.

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